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How To Buy Products From 1688.Com Using The Right Agents

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Starting a mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana? They are many online website for Chinese wholesalers of different product where you can buy goods and import it either in Nigeria, Ghana or any part of Africa country in other to gain profit in your importation business.

Online website where you can buy cheap China goods are:




• Alibaba

• Tmall

The above list of website are Chinese website where the manufacturers of any kind of China product are been found and there, they are also marketing their goods for either a wholesale, retail or consumer prices where anybody can buy any goods for cheap amount.

Since the above list are the easiest way to get any kind of goods to import from the manufacturer in China to Nigeria, from this page, we will show you how to buy goods / products from to Nigeria using the right or best agents.

How To Import Goods From To Nigeria

Importation business in Nigeria is now of the trending business opportunity mostly in 2018, 2019 even which is one of the legal business someone can do that can extend to any number of years ranging from 2020 upward.

Normally, website is written in Chinese language but don’t worry because I will teach you how you can easily do the right thing in a perfect way either as a newbie or expert.

How To Translate To English: As A Nigerian

Let’s take things gradually to avoid making mistakes, they are several ways you can translate to English language but will show you the very best quick way to do so which are:

1: Yandex Browser : Not everybody knows the important of using yandex browser but only those who have literally use it can easily point out the uses of it. You can translate to English on your android phone by installing the Yandex browser android app since we are not using a computer or PC, so let’s take yandex browser as a phone process.

Head over to the Google playstore or your apple store depending on the kind of phone model you are using but on a general note, am using android phone in the aspect, so download the yandex browser app to your phone and install it.

After doing the above processes, visit and you will find out a vertical dot line below at the right hand side ( when you are using your phone ), referred to the image below for a better understanding.

If you check properly, you will see that am using an android phone to visit using a yandex browser to translate the whole and full page of the Chinese website easily.

2: Using Chrome Browser :

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