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1. You will be required to make a commitment fee of #3,000 only every time you send a quotation to us before we work on those links sent to us. Note, this 3,000 is refundable only when you go ahead to make an order from us.
2. 5% charged when making your orders are not refundable after the order has been placed.
3. All refunds are to be sent back to the customer’s account 2 days after being informed that you have a refund.
4. Refunds cannot and will not be used to replace orders or be used to clear shipping.
5. Kindly note when choosing your method of shipment for your orders that HK goods can only be sent through AIR FREIGHT, HK cannot go through SEA +AIR.
6. Customers are encouraged to make payment from their account directly and if need be to use a third party account; this should be communicated and reason for using others accounts aside from their personal/business account known to us.
7. Refund/overpayment will only be paid back to the account that makes payment initially for the service. TUGROW1688 will not make refund payments to a different account aside the account that we received funds from for our services.


a. Customer Update for Direct Shipping
Customers are expected to send their goods to our China warehouse address for Tugrow1688 to help them ship it down to Nigeria.
Customers should know that we have two warehouses that they can send their goods to, the Direct Warehouse and Packing Warehouse.
In the Direct Warehouse, we received customer goods and shipped it the way it has been received. We don’t consolidate goods to send to another shipping company we park and send goods to Nigeria for customers.
HK goods can only be sent through AIR FREIGHT, HK cannot go through SEA +AIR
All direct goods customers should be aware that any goods received in our china warehouse without Name and phone number I.e no means of identification, all those goods after 30 days receiving such goods, those goods will be impounded. (Direct shipping especially)
Any customer that sends goods that we cannot ship should note that a notification will be sent to such customer informing them that such goods will not be shipped and after 2 weeks if the customer did not provide an alternative address to send those goods, such goods will be impounded.
b. This is for customers that want direct shipping services. We do not consolidate the goods, we ship the goods as received.
Direct goods address :广东省佛山市南海区桂城街道六村大道108-B号DS仓,必须写客户国外的电话和姓名,标明是否带电或者液体。
Phone: 15817408498
Name: your name +phone number + your preferred location (Lagos) or (Abuja)
Shipping Mark: (Sea+air) or (Air freight)


Do not change this Chinese language to English when you send it to the supplier.
Make sure your seller writes your name, number and location on the goods if not we will ship directly to Lagos.
Packing Goods Warehouse: Customers should know that we help them consolidate goods before we ship. I.e. We help them pack their goods together before we ship and we expect them to give us a go ahead to ship by instructing us to park.
This is for customers that want parking services. That is to say, we consolidate the goods before shipping.
Packing Goods Address:广东省佛山市南海区桂城街道六村大道108号编号(shipping ID)。必须要写编号,标注是否带电池。
Name: customer name+ preferred location between (Lagos or Abuja)
Shipping Mark: (Sea+Air) or (Air freight) Phone: 13714460085


Do not change this Chinese language to English when you send to supplier.
Make sure your seller writes your name, number and location on the goods if not we will ship directly to Lagos.
Do not change this Chinese to English when you send it to the supplier.


On direct payment to suppliers, before you ask us to pay to any direct Chinese account (bank account/Alipay/Wechat/qq payment) make sure you have dealt with the company or individual before and you trust them; we will not be bear any responsibility in any money loss by direct payment, if you don’t trust a seller/ supplier, let us help you procure and you will pay our service charge of 5% on the cost of the items and we bear the risk for you.


● Customer should know that after 5 working days of getting picked up message, all customer must pick up within the 5 days after that a demurrage charge of #300 per day will be charged on it. Customers grant Tugrow1688 the undisputed right relating to unpicked goods after 30 days of getting a pick-up message.
● Tugrow1688 will not be liable for missing goods or any issue relating to goods picked up after 2 weeks of getting a pick-up message.
● Tugrow1688 will not be liable for any third party default that is outside the jurisdiction/control of Tugrow1688 CO.


What services does Tugrow1688 offer?
At Tugrow1688, we offer the services of helping individuals to purchase things from 1688.com and Taobao.com and we do direct shipping for customers. We also help to make payment to Chinese suppliers.
How does the procurement service work?
We help you buy goods from websites like 1688.com, taobao.com. We charge 5% of the total cost of what you are buying (our service charge is non-refundable). Our MOQ (Minimum order Qty) is #10,000.
How does the Direct Shipping service work?
You can send our china warehouse address to your supplier. We help you bring your goods to Nigeria. PS: we do not pick up from other addresses, we only receive goods and ships.
What Freight mode does Tugrow1688 use?
Our Freight modes currently are Air and SEA+Air cargo. For air we carry normal goods and HK goods (battery goods excluding power banks) while our Sea+Air is only for normal goods
How long does it take for the Air & Sea+Air?
Air is between 6- 9 days for normal goods from the day of shipment while Hk takes 14- 17 days to arrive.
Sea+Air takes between 35-42 days from the day of shipment.
Where are Tugrow1688 offices situated?
We have our head office in Lagos, Nigeria and our branch at Abuja Our office address are as below:
Lagos – 15 Seriki Aro Avenue Opp. Sawmill Market Off Awolowo way, Ikeja, Lagos Abuja-27 Moses A. Majekodunmi Crescent, Utako, Abuja
How does Tugrow1688 charge customers?
Our charges are very affordable and our exchange rate is one of the lowest you can get.
We charge customers based on the weight of what they are shipping and also the clearing fee per kg as well.
Am new to importation, what do I need to know before starting the importation business?
Firstly, you must know that the cost of what you are buying has no correlation with the amount you will be asked to pay for shipping and clearing fee. The charges are based on the weight of the item you are shipping, not on the cost of what you are buying.
Secondly, when shopping on the sites (procuring goods from 1688 or taobao) know that there are some prices that will be too cheap which the quality might not be what you are expecting. Be careful about prices that are too ridiculous. Note we don’t do quality check for customers whereas we do quantity check (we work on the link received from customer).
Are my goods shipped with Tugrow1688 covered by insurance?
For now, we don’t charge for insurance so therefore goods are not covered by insurance. In a case of damage on transit or loss of goods, the company will determine the compensation in lieu of the damages on the goods.
What happens if my goods get damaged or missing on transit?
On goods damaged on transit, if it can be ascertained that the goods get damaged under our watch, such customers will get a discount or compensation but we won’t be liable for full recovery of the cost of the item.
Can Tugrow1688 procure for me and send to another company?
We don’t help customer to procure and send to another company, we only procure and help customer ship it down to Nigeria
Can Tugrow1688 waybill my goods for customers outside Lagos?
Yes, we do waybill customer goods to different states in the country.
How many days does it take a supplier to deliver goods to your china warehouse?
It takes between 3 to 5 working days depending on the seller location.

Shipping cost and unstable rates

We always advise customers to find out the current shipping rate from our customer care representative before ordering any product or sending goods to our warehouse for direct shipping in order to know the cost. Customers are strongly advised to let the customer care representatives know if you are shipping, procuring or payment to a Chinese supplier. Customers who fail to abide by these terms cannot hold us responsible for any unfortunate incidence caused by their negligence in this regard.
What is the Hold us harmless clause in our terms and conditions?
You don’t hold us responsible for any delay caused by a third party, including but not limited to from the seller, customs issues (within China/ Nigeria), Local/ Interstate logistics issues (within China/Nigeria) or any other means but we will be giving you regular information on the situation or do our possible best to salvage the situation. The custom laws of the suppliers country (china) is binding on every goods before they are dispatched to Nigeria and tugrow1688 has no control over the above mentioned situations, but can appeal and do all it takes in this situation for its customers.
Force majeure
Neither party will be responsible for a failure to fulfill its obligations under these terms and conditions or for delay in doing so if such failure or delay is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, such as acts of nature, acts of government, war, riot, strikes and accidents in transportation.
By proceeding to use our services, it therefore means you have read and accepted the terms and condition of our services as stated in this contract.
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